Partially built house?


I would like to draw your attention to a mistake committed by many, during the construction of a house. All of us cannot acquire adequate finance to complete the construction of the house at once. Many of us would acquire the required money in stages. Here you have to be careful in avoiding technical or Vastu defects.

Utmost care should be taken when adding a new foundation to an old house. During the construction and afterwards, the building uniformly sinks below ground, establishing structural stability. If you add new parts, after sometime this sinking takes place in different stages causing cracks on walls. This can be prevented by using correct technology when adding new parts.

It is proper to build the entire foundation according to Vastu Shastra. Due to financial constraints some of us would lay the entire foundation initially and build on it partially before starting to live in the house. Some lay the foundation only for the parts that they wish to build initially. The main parts of the house such as the drawing room, bedrooms, kitchen, toilets and bathrooms have to be properly located. Most often a bedroom under construction is used as a drawing room. The bedrooms may be located on the side of the kitchen. The kitchen is used as a bedroom. A bedroom should not be located either in the North-east or the South –west.
We have seen such situations in houses where we have examined Vastu. In the house depicted on the page, only the back portion was double storied. The front portion was to be added later and the roof consisted of one sloping segment.
As the main entrance belonged to the portion to be added later, the staircase was located next to the currently used door. The pantry was located in the place allocated for the master bedroom. All these had created defects.

The septic tank should be dug without creating defects. A large toilet and a septic tank in a small land cause defects. The corners of the house and the premises, overlapping points of straight lines that join them, defects in the roof and septic tank that spreads in several directions also can be very harmful. If the septic tank comes in contact with the house or comes within the varga of the house, it necessarily causes ill health and economic depravity. I mentioned these facts for the benefit of those who have a finished house or a half built house where they wish to reside. It is in their interest that I thought of bringing up these issues. If one part of a house is built without causing defects, other part too will be completed without delay due to the absence of defects.


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