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In decades past , I was an executive officer in several “ No 01 ” construction companies in Sri Lanka.

In that time , I found , people in Sri Lanka are not aware much about this construction field and they might get cheated by some contractors because of lack of knowledge and less field experience.

It is vital important that all building construction works should be done according to “money plan / flow chart” in order to prevent any losses and to get maximum output within a limited time duration .

Hence, the building owner may expend the minimum value of money to get it’s maximum result.

“An accurate, scientific building plan which leads to high quality , low cost , durable and affordable budget construction in a short time period ”

Think …… Before start works ….

    01. Vasthu :- Need for house plan , which you live in , and get maximum Positive life style in different manner.
    02. Astrology:- Need to start works , and in different construction steps to smoothen the related activities .

According to vasthu and astrology factors together , blend it with Engineering science , will result people “Something beyond construction ” and of cause it is our ambition …….

Deshamanya , Deshabandu , deshakeerthi , keerthi sri , Sri Lankabhimani , Jothir Vidya Shuri , Vasthuvidyapathi , Vasthuvidya Pandith ( India ) , Vasthuvidya Visharadha , Vidya Keerthi Panditha .

Dr Gayan Eramudugoda
Civil Engineer , Vastu Consultant / Writer

“Lucky shelter for all”,

Although “Money” is the governing factor in constructing a house, it is not the main thing for a “successful house”. Some people start their house constructions having less money, but in a short time period they succeed the targets and dwell also.

having adequate money for entire house construction, some are unable to do so. Why is that ?

There are some tradition ways , methodology, work sequence while doing a construction and we should obey them and to be followed all in correct way . Then only we can archive victory facing minimum troubles .

“ No barriers , confinements with money , but to build a house in all correct ways ” is our ambition .

“ Your dream home build as it is” is our responsibility .

We expand service towards our clients in architectural vasthu concepts , auspicious time preparing by astrology , free consultancy upon Sri Lankan traditional methods , rituals use in construction field , low cost method introducing , etc.

I proudly invite you all, to come and visit our nest and get the maximum usage from us under one roof .

Deshabandu , Keerthi sri , Sri Lankabhimani , Vasthuvidya Shuri, Vasthuvidya Prasadini , Vasthuvidya Pandith ( India ) , Jothirvidya Visharada , Vidya Keerthi .

Dr Devika Jayakody
Civil Engineer , Vastu Consultant / Writer

Our company was established in 2003 by the name , “GAMMA ENGINEERING COMPANY ” to strengthen the reliability and making their dream construction according to the needs and tastes of the people .

After completing jobs nearly one and half decades, we have already won the hearts of people in Sri Lanka by fulfilling their “Dream Home” in to a reality. Our great success was providing many services .in different aspects. The unequal special feature in our company is providing “ Science of Astrology in the field of Architecture”. All these sciences are joined together with the creative skills for a civil construction either housing or business.


A construction is not just a sole technology output .“ The output product of technology with Astrology and vasthu science is prime important for it’s supremacy” . Therefore , for a house or even a business place , it is vital important to refer the horoscopes of dwellers ,owners. Hence, your business , occupation and promotions ,education , family life , etc, should be at highest strata , making as a whole – a better lifestyle .

Among the construction companies in Sri Lanka , we are at top , providing all client’s need in Vastu, Architecture, Astrology and Technology .

Also we provide our clients,

    » An ideal knowledge background about construction.
    » Auspicious times for each and every construction stages .
    » Sri Lankan traditional methods in practical way at the construction begins , and idea of its impotency.

These are a few of our magnificent service provide to our clients , other than the basic constructions. “Vastu … Astrology …. Technology …” getting all these utmost triple sciences together , the ultimate construction product made by us , will be a life time“Heaven Palace” for you .

Your progress is our victory

  1. In 2013, the honour of degree of “Deshabandhu ” accredited by “ World mahasanga committee”, was awarded on behalf of the service done in the field of Civil Engineering.
  2. In 2013, the honour of degree of “ Deshakeerthi, Jothirvidya – Vasthuvidyaprasadasammani” was granted by Sri Lanka Astrology Society.
  3. Due to the services done by the sciences of astrology and architecture, the honours such as “ Specialized in astrology” and “Specialized in vasthu based architecture” were awarded by the “ Janatha Samagi Sangamaya ”
  4. Honour of degree of “ Deshamanya, Deshakeerthi, Keerthisri, Srilankabhimani, Jothirvidyashuri, Vasthuvidyavisharada, Vidyakeerthipanditha” was awarded to the Managing director for his yeomen services through the company.

What is Vasthu ( Real Architecture ) ?

Vasthu means suitable for a better living. As the astrology hails from very ancient times more than thousand years ago , this science has been proven its token of truthfulness by experiments ,observations and also the definition. After the getting the help of such a science and making a house with the help of all these rituals of the astrology, the inhabitants of the house are blessed with success and free from all sort of illnesses. This architecture is scientifically rich which help to lead a trouble free life, to select a trouble free land, building up the house on the land, from the foundation up to the tile on the roof top. House plays an important role in one’s life. You can lead a healthy, wealthy life in a home that has been properly planned and made according to the science of architecture and astrology.

Your determinations such as education, job , marriage , fate or fortune in the housing are judged from your horoscope. Therefore plan properly and make your home according to the horoscopes and to the sciences of astrology and architecture, so all these things can be fulfilled under one roof. Whoever or whatever you are , finally… yourself, spouse , sons and daughters all live together . Therefore your home should definitely be a Divine palace.

Importance of Astrology

We all have a “ Birth Time ”. But most of them do not possess a Horoscope .

At the time of birth , the star pattern spread in universe , provide a unique specialty for each and every person’s living in the globe. This may good or bad for our lives , and is written in a format called as “ Kendra” or Horoscope . This is a true reflection of your life .

If you prepared your own horoscope accurately , and if carefully scanned it’s content with a proper knowledge , you can identify weaknesses and hence remedies for that , otherwise keep continuing good behavior without problems .

Your “ Birth time ” to find out “Nekatha” is a vital important factor . This is useful to calculate the “suitable house area” .

Therefore in the construction field , the support we get from Astrology to Architecture is a must and appreciated .

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